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Bob, Ryan and Brian
Bob, Doc, Bob, Ryan, Bruce and Brian
Ryan, Brian (hidden) and Bruce going over some 1st Aid instructions
Bob F., Jerry, Doc, Bob M., Ryan, Brian
Jerry, Ron's wife, Ron, and Bruce
Jerry, Bruce, Bob M, Bob F, Brian and Ryan
Marg, Ryan, Jerry and Glenda  Breakfast in Agincourt
Bob F, Bruce, Ryan and Brian
Bruce, Bob, Brian and Ryan
"Practice makes Perfect" so Stretcher drill is always part of the excercise.  At least this year it is still daylight!
Keeping a watchfull eye on the field during the ceremonies and other activities
The Ambulance Bay
in the bottom of Ridley Lodge
Back -L-R Jerry, ?, ?, ?, ? and ?
Front  ? , ? Chris and Bruce

Med Vents Ready for Action.  While Bicycles are not generally allowed at Reunion, it makes it easier for the Med Vents to patrol the vast grounds.
Constant practice makes for perfection.
Drills in all aspects of patient transport are contstantly performed to hone their skills.
All is ready and on stand by... both outside and inside the 1st aid station in Ridley Lodge
Chris is a willing victim for safe wheelchair transport up and down stairs
Leisure time here means all is well at the Reunion.
Another year of a job well done by Doc Williams and the Med Vent crew concludes.
The MedVents take in the Ceremonies