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David, Cassy, Derek, Heather, Darren, Bruce and Tyler
David, Cassy, Derek, Heather, Daren, Bruce and Tyler
David, Cassy, Derek, Heather, Daren, Bruce and Tyler
Jerry, Doris, Gamy, Blair, Brian, Ryan, Thomas, Jen and Bruce
Gamy, Brian, Doc and Thomas
Gamy, Brian, Doc and Thomas
Bruce, Cheryl, Rick and Doris
?, Bruce, ?, and Glenda (in Agincourt's marquee)
Gamy, Brian, Doc, Thomas, Jerry
Doris, Jerry, and ?
Brian, Gamy, Bruce, Jen, Blair and Ryan
Jerry receives his Beads from and John (Willow Valley)
Bob, Lesie (SLS) and Bruce and "Missy" the "Hearing Dog"
The Ambulance is situated in the "Loop" just outside the 1st Aid room doors giving it direct access to the roads
Brian, Ryan, Thomas, Blair, Gamy, Jen and Bruce
Any time is Practice Time!
Bruce runs his team through a late night stretcher drill.  Constant practice hones their skills and  makes the actions almost automatic.
Thomas, Ryan, Jen, Blair on stretcher and Gamy
Brian, Gamy, Thomas, Blair and Ryan
Brian, Ryan & Blair

Bruce, Brian,  Ryan,Jen, Blair, Gamy, and Jerry